“What I’ve always said about Hook and Emma is that they are kindred spirits. They’re survivors. Emma is a pirate in her own way. She’s had to sort of go from one family to the next, or one group of people to the next, and find her own way to survive, and her own way to not let life get the best of her. So they’re definitely kindred spirits, and I think what Emma finds surprising on the island is that he exceeds her expectations in terms of his kindness and his help. She is someone who makes very educated decisions on people’s previous behavior. With Hook, she knows what he is capable of, but he continues to surprise her by doing something different from what she expects. That is an interesting dynamic, that does play out.” {x}

Countdown to Season 4 → 11 days
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“Emma is a pirate in her own way.” { x }

Countdown to Season 4 → 11 days

"Jen and I used to get confused for each other, when we first started out in the business, and she was brunette and I had long hair. And we were confused for each other to the extent that we separately, having not made this agreement before we met, jokingly did interviews as each other on red carpets and signed each others headshots and things because we both, you know, were supportive of each others work and thought it’d be funny and were tired of trying to explain to people that we were two separate actresses.” { x }

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“I heart Pan. Hard. @RobbieKay_” { x }

Henry reading to baby Neal.

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